Allergy testing…

Now that it’s January I’m finally feeling settled in our new state and home. My goal is to finally get this blog up and going with consistent posts, so expect many new recipes (and even some repeats from my old blog for those that followed that), homeschooling tales, parenting EEKs, and more!

But first let’s talk about fall.

My youngest, not quite 2 currently, had bad bleeding eczema for most of his life. I knew milk, soy, and eggs bothered him and had that out of his and my diet since I was breastfeeding him. He did get better when we were able to stay on this strict diet, but the eczema persisted. Traveling back to the states from living overseas and then traveling cross country made things worse. It got to the point that we bought him Scratch Me Not sleeves and made him wear them with his hands covered almost full time. There were daily conversations about his skin, which cream should we try next, the random hives he had, his behavior, his sleep, etc. By October he was having puffy eyes too. We quickly saw the base pediatrician once we arrived to our new base. He was the first doctor that actually listened to us and didn’t dismiss our son’s issues like those we had seen previously. He quickly referred us on to an allergist.

In November my youngest was finally able to see an allergist and get allergy tested. The allergist almost didn’t do the skin test because his eczema was so bad, but the reality was that his skin would never improve on its own to where they’d want it to be. They were only able to do the top 8, but he had definite reactions to milk, soy, eggs, and wheat. The wheat was a shock and it’s been a huge adjustment for us all! He’ll have blood testing done later this year.

It took 5 full weeks before we noticed a difference, but once his skin started improving it improved rapidly. The only time he’s had puffy eyes or had a flare up is when he ate something he shouldn’t have (i.e. he dug food out of the garbage…yay toddlers….).

Looking back I’m just thankful that we had already identified three of his allergies. I can only imagine how much worse he would have been if we hadn’t.

What’s frustrating for me is that so many saw his eczema as just that….eczema. Assumed he’d grow out of it and there’s no cause we’d ever be able to discover. Eczema is an outward symptom of more that’s going on inside the body. It’s an immune response. Too many people are told that it can’t be related to food or environmental allergies, when the reality is that some cases are directly related to allergies.

Today he’s almost completely clear, is sleeping better than ever, and while he’s definitely still a toddler his behavior is easier to manage. He’s not in constant agony anymore!


Allergy testing day!


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