Fight With Your Sibling Day

Apparently today is Fight With Your Sibling Day along with Whine A Lot Day and Let’s Stab Each Other With Swords Day and Let’s Try To Break Our Necks Day and Mommy Should Have Poured Something Extra In Her Coffee Day.

That was today’s Facebook status. 

Ever have those days? 

*imagines all the parents out there nodding along*

We’re stuck in what feels like an eternal winter. Everyone wants out, but being more remote there’s no where to go other than outside into the very icy snow. Base activities in the winter keep centering around food – talk about terrifying when one of your kids has food allergies! I’ve rearranged the toys and put out toys they haven’t seen since in a couple of months. That helped for a day. I’ve started doing some basic school with my 4yo just to give her something to do! I feel like by the time we thaw out this spring I may have lost the last of my sanity. 


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