Progressive Phonics Review

I didn’t discover Progressive Phonics until my son already knew all of his basic letter sounds and was struggling with blends and digraphs. At the time we were overseas preparing to move back stateside. I needed something online to save space and to be more convienent. The fact that Progressive Phonics was free and instantly available was a bonus. Over 6 months has passed since I first sat down with my oldest to start their first intermediate book. We have stuck with this program this whole time. While the books are printable, we have actually been reading them on my iPad. Since this is the only subject we cover this way it makes it more special and interesting to my son. He loves that I have to read with him. When encounting new words, dual reading gives him time to think about the sounds before he has to read his words aloud. He really does like that we have to do this truly together. The books have done a great job of introducing these sounds in steps. We don’t normally do the worksheats provided, but there are printable activity sheets for each book. I am the type of homeschooling parent who needs a guide to keep me on track, but I also don’t want to be told every single thing along the way. Progressive Phonics is perfect for me since it’s flexible and easy to go at your own pace. We add in our own additional readers and activities (including copywork) along the way. I do consider this to be a complete program as is for basic reading, but as mentioned above it’s flexible enough to be altered to fit your family’s needs.


Dual reading – my son reads the words in red and I read the words in black.

I won’t claim this is a perfect phonics program for every child, but I do think it’s worth taking a look at for many families. I do plan to use this from the start with my next child.

And have I mentioned everything is FREE?!



Most of the readings are very silly, which keeps my child’s interest.

Note: We do use secular materials for homeschooling. Progressive Phonics is secular, so there is no religious content.


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