Just Another Day of Homeschooling

We had a rough morning today, but we were back on track by the time we sat down for an early lunch. Just grateful that we did get back on track! 😉 After lunch my younger two played with their little people toys while my oldest and I got to work. We started off today with reading this week’s poem and doing copy work from part of it.

Afterwards it was on to history. We’re right in the middle of Ancient Egypt with Build Your Library 1. He loves it! After reading from a book about the art from then, we read a selection from Story of the World about mummifying. Then it was time to start our mummy experiment with apples! Can’t wait to see what happens over the coming days.


We don’t like doing every subject every day, so we also did two more days of history today too. This time he colored a worksheet as I read. Definitely helps him to be doing something during some readings!


We also had to add a figure to his time line (it’s folded up in the background of the above photo). By this point our hour of school is up! We do our literature reading and discussion for BYL before bed. Tomorrow we’ll work on phonics, math, and if there’s time science.

My four year old insists she’s ready for school now, but doesn’t believe me when I say that playing is her school. One or two times a week we sit down to do something together. It makes her happy. Today we did a page from the Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K book, talked about their Mat Man, and made a face using cut out numbers.



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